Juliana Irene Smith & Claudia Berg began collaborating in 2007 and is currently on hiatus. They are best friends.

Together they work within a social political framework that questions themselves, other artists & viewers‚ on 'how to be political,’ or 'what it means to be political within a movement.' Their approach was through irony, humor and allowing the audience to have an opinion and participate. How important is the personal in the political question within the art practice? There is always a personal "motive" but by keeping the work "light" does it defer the "agenda"? (And even if the word "agenda" is conflict with the motive.) How does one balance, the honest and sincere questions, in the work, while also trying to make work that does not "diary vomit" or "protest with the hand in the face?" They also organized "The Political Party" in Zurich which was an indulgent grotesque performative night of players, & participation.

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