PATHETIC LOOSER 2010 – ongoing
(Pathetic Looser - the first woman bartender in the West Bank & other adventures of Frances Huckleberry Jones)

130 pages of text / book format

2011 performances at /si:n/ performance art festival in Jerusalem and Ramallah, 45 min

2013 I Never Read - Art Basel, audio piece - 14 min

2017 In Bed with Artists Residency, Cape Town performed in collaboration with Nico Athene.

About the child of rape, Frances Huckleberry Jones, who is having adventures while searching for her father and her self-worth, which had committed suicide at the age of 15 when she found out… some how through it all she finds herself in the safety of misfits in Ramallah, Palestine.

The ongoing project uses the narrative of Frances to address and research inter-generational trauma, from slavery to occupation to the girl next door.